Why choose VENEZIATAXI.it?
The Consorzio VENEZIA TAXI offers customers over 50 water taxis (24 hours a day, every day). Our water taxis can carry up to 10 people and 12 suitcases and take you to your destination in a very short time. They comply with the ECC public transport standards and they are all regularly checked.

In addition, if you purchase a return ticket (to or from Marco Polo Airport) with a single transaction, you will save 10%!
How can I purchase a ticket on your website?
Purchasing your ticket for transfer with our water taxis is quick, easy and safe. All it takes to complete your purchase is four simple steps:
- choose your point of departure
- choose your destination
- find out the price (which may vary according to the number of passengers and suitcases)
- purchase the ticket

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a voucher to print off and hand to the taxi driver on the day of the transfer.
How many persons can travel simultaneously on a water taxi?
The maximum capacity of our water taxis is 10 people. For parties of over 10, further motorboats must be booked.
The price remains unchanged for up to 5 occupants; from 6 upwards, a € 10.00 surcharge is applied per person.
How many suitcases can be carried on a water taxi?
It is possible to carry up to 12 suitcases.
The price remains unchanged for up to 5 suitcases; from 6 upwards, a € 5.00 € surcharge is applied per suitcase.
Is there a night surcharge?
Yes, for transfers at night (from 10.00 pm to 7.00 am) a € 10.00 surcharge will be applied.
Can I choose the route?
Our water taxis always take the shortest route to your destination; however, it is also possible to extend the route in order to pass by the most fascinating waterway in the world - the Grand Canal.
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